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Raccoon Hitches Ride on Garbage Truck in Falls Church

(Photo: @hbottemiller/Twitter)
(Photo: @hbottemiller/Twitter)

A raccoon was caught hitching a ride on a garbage truck through The Little City on Friday, according to reports around town.

The small mammal was spotted clutching to the ladder on the back of the waste disposal vehicle in Rosslyn which continued all the way to Falls Church. A statement from the City says police arrived on the scene near Hillwood Ave. and attempted to catch the critter but it was able to avoid their grasps and escaped to the area of Larry Graves Park.

Police think the animal was unharmed and did not appear to be sick.

Police ask if residents see a raccoon showing signs of illness or hitching a ride on a vehicle in the future, to contact the City of Falls Church Police Department at (703) 241-5053.