Letters to the Editor: Council Should First Look at What F.C. Can Afford


Letters to the Editor: January 5 – 11, 2017


Council Should First Look at What F.C. Can Afford


Your admittedly unscientific poll says that city leaders are out of touch with city taxpayers, the latter of whom, at a rate of 52 percent so far, say the tax rate is the most important issue. These issues are inseparable, of course. However, a fair interpretation, if that percentage is truly representative city-wide, is that taxpayers are telling the Council to look first at what we can afford with a tax rate that is not unfairly burdensome (as 15 cents-plus over three years would be) and only then make informed decisions from that vantage point.

This will be a radical departure from their usual let’s-build-a-school-now-how-can-we-pay-for-it approach, but common sense, fair tax policy and responsible government demand it.

Linda Neighborgall

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