2024-05-29 2:59 PM

In a statement released on Twitter yesterday, U.S. Rep. Don Beyer, who represents the 8th District of Virginia that includes Falls Church, called on “leaders of the Congress to delay the date of the vote for the Electoral College until an intelligence briefing has been given to each Elector.”

Beyer’s bold call came, he said, because “recent credible intelligence reports suggest a concerted effort by a foreign power to interfere in the outcome” of the November presidential election. “I believe that Electors should be given all information relevant to this interference before they make their decisions and before they cast their votes,” he added.

Beyer’s call mirrors a call made by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid the night before. Beyer said in an interview with the Washington Post yesterday, “If we don’t act early, and soon, we run the risk of having an illegitimate president…Given the CIA’s well-considered report, the electors should see it.”





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