Letters to the Editor: Questions for City Leaders On New School Project


Letters to the Editor: December 8 – 14, 2016


Questions for City Leaders On New School Project


In the November 25 edition, Nicholas Benton wrote, “In just a few months, the Falls Church Council and School Board are going to have to agree on how much they are willing to ask the citizens…to pay for a new and or expanded high school.” Previously, readers had been led to believe that the City’s failed suit against Fairfax County, which forced the sale of our former water utility, provided an unexpected boon whereby a developer of the annexed West Falls Church Metro area would fund this $88-120 million high school replacement. If taxpayers have such a large bill looming, where was this news when the editor supported recent bonds improving three schools, the library and the forthcoming city offices?

These renovations have been discussed for a decade. How much has been set aside by the city manager and council? F.C.’s real estate tax rate is $1.31 per $100 of value, the highest in Virginia. What do our city leaders consider the limit of acceptability? What rate will result from an $88 million bond? To support a loan, we must understand how we will pay for it and the “whole” picture.

Jim Custer

Falls Church


Trump’s Win Targets Many Minority Groups


In response to John Grondelski’s letter “After Trump’s Win, The Left’s Hissy Fit Is Getting Tiresome” in the November 25 News-Press, I say what a privilege it must be for you, Mr. Grondelski, that your safety, security, and way of life is not threatened in the wake of President-Elect Trump’s win.
After his campaign filled with xenophobic/racist, misogynistic, and homophobic language, and with some of his early picks for cabinet members demonstrating similar views, unfortunately, many of us cannot say the same. It is doubtful that a win by Ms. Clinton would have targeted so many vulnerable minority groups.

Ellen Chang

Falls Church


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