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JOSHUA RADIN. (Courtesy Photo)
JOSHUA RADIN. (Courtesy Photo)

Singer-songwriter Joshua Radin, who just started a tour of the U.S. and Europe in Vermont on Tuesday, Nov. 1, said that he likes to create an intimate atmosphere at his shows. He said that in preparation for his tours he sits on his couch and plays his songs over and over again by himself.

“[It’s] just to refamiliarize myself with songs from older records – songs that I haven’t played in a while. You never know when someone’s going to shout out a song that you haven’t played in seven, eight years,” he said. “After seven albums it’s hard to remember every song, so I do that. That’s pretty much it, actually.”

Radin is coming to Northern Virginia on Sunday, Nov. 6 to play The Birchmere in Alexandria. “I try to keep it as intimate as possible. One of the reasons I love the Birchmere is because it’s an intimate venue,” he said. “And I try to make it feel like it’s my living room. Like I’m sitting there, playing on my couch, playing songs the way I wrote them.”

He said that he is touring with musicians, but that it will still be an intimate experience. “It’s not like we rock out or anything. I mean, we get the crowd on their feet for a few songs, but mostly it’s like you’re in my living room. At least I try to make it that way.”

Radin is getting ready to release his eighth album, The Fall, in January 2017. It’s his first album where he produced the record himself. He said that the experience of producing his own album was interesting.

“It went by extremely quickly,” he said. “Because I had thought about each song and the production of the song so much before going into the studio that, by the time I got into the studio, I sort of knew exactly what I wanted out of the band and what I wanted in the final result.”

He said that he completed the album in three days and spent two days doing overdubs and harmonies on it. “So a total of five days to make an album in the studio was by far the fastest I’ve ever worked,” Radin said. “It was exhilarating and I was really proud of it when it was done.”

Earlier this year he released “High and Low,” the first single from The Fall. He said that he really wanted to write a song that he could play live and get the audience to participate in the song. He said that his attempt at getting audience participation on “High and Low” in Vermont was successful.

“That’s been really fun to play with an audience in the room because I play it a little differently live,” Radin said. “And I can coax the audience into doing what I need them to do.”

He said that he wrote the love song after having a conversation with a woman he was dating at the time about sticking by your romantic partner through good times and bad times.

“It’s a simple love song essentially,” Radin said. “The girl I was dating at the time that I wrote it, we were having a conversation over dinner one night and we were talking about how people, at least in our respective experiences, have been there for the highs and not the lows.

“And the lows are so much important to be there for someone through. So I wrote down high and low on my phone and I remember going back home and writing out the song.”

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