Gittins Assails EDA Move to End Non-Profit Funding

Spearheading the publication of the annual Little City Community Guide and FIRSTFriday of Falls Church celebrations for years in Falls Church, local business owner Tom Gittins wrote to the City’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) board that he was “utterly surprised and deeply disappointed” by the EDA decision at its August meeting to discontinue its non-profits grants program.

“I strongly urge this decision be reversed,” Gittins wrote. He cited the 15 years the EDA has supported FIRSTFriday with modest but important grants and contributed to the Guide the last five years. He cautioned that without EDA funding, the focus of the Guide will fundamentally change, broadening it to greater Falls Church and not just the City of Falls Church, with the removal of all references to “The Little City” and its logo, and the same for FIRSTFriday events.