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Press Pass: David Crosby

DAVID CROSBY. (Photo: Courtesy of Henry Diltz)
DAVID CROSBY. (Photo: Courtesy of Henry Diltz)

Legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter David Crosby, who just turned 75 on Sunday, Aug. 14 said that the last two years have been the longest and most dense writing period he has ever had. He is getting ready to release a solo album, Lighthouse, which was produced by Michael League of Snarky Puppy and will be released on October 21. He said that he’s excited about his new work.
“I know I’m being immodest, but [the songs] are really good and I’m really proud of it,” Crosby said. “And I had a total blast making it.”

Crosby said that he first became aware of League by watching videos of Snarky Puppy’s live album We Like It Here. “I just loved them. I thought these guys are wonderful,” Crosby said. “And so I started tweeting about them and they called me.”

According to Crosby, League thanked him for the praise, invited him to do their yearly benefit album and the two became fast friends. The first time they convened to write music together, they wrote three songs in three days, which foreshadowed the pace of the recording of Lighthouse.

“He said we can do it in two weeks and I said no f***ing way. I’ve never made a record that fast in my life – I want an entire month. And he gave me a month,” Crosby said. “We did it in 12 days.”

He said that he and League finished the album so quickly because of how efficiently League and Fab Dupont, who mixed the album, work in the studio. Crosby said that the pace at which they worked didn’t feel forced at all.

“We got in the studio and it was just like greased lightning. You wouldn’t believe what pros these guys were and how good they were at what they did,” Crosby said. “It was a joy.”
He said that working with League was “terrific.” “He’s a fantastic musician and a really good writer and a really nice cat,” Crosby said.

The first single from the album, “Things We Do For Love,” was written for Jan Dance, Crosby’s wife of 40 years. It’s an instant classic with timeless and genuine lyrics like “At first it’s just fun, but love is long. A little each day. You build it that way.”

“It’s mostly about the love I have for my wife…. We have such a good teamwork thing going between us,” Crosby said. “Of course we get lonely sometimes, of course we get insecure sometimes, but we’re there for each other. We catch each other. And we’re the other set of hands for each other, like it says in the song.”

Along with that record, Crosby said that he’s already got another album recorded, which will be called Home Free. He recorded the album with his son, James Raymond, with whom he will be touring when he comes to play The Birchmere on Tuesday, Aug. 23. Crosby said that happiness and practice are the keys to his latest creative surge.

“We used to say…‘Oh, my life has to be in turmoil for me to make art. It comes out of all this great conflict.’ Bulls***,” Crosby said. “That was just us using it as an excuse to have our lives be in tatters. For me, it comes out of being happy and working at it. I pick up the guitar every day and work at it.”

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