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Letters to the Editor: No Justification to Deny Family Right to Develop


Letters to the Editor: August 11 – 17, 2016


No Justification to Deny Family Right to Develop


This was an open reminder to the Falls Church City Council prior to its vote Monday to change the land use designation of the Fellows property at 604 S. Oak Street:

My name is John Transue. My family has lived at 303 Parker Avenue, across the street from the Fellows property, for the past 50 years. We have known Betty Fellows all that time. She has been a good neighbor.

I would like to emphasize to you the gravity of your action on tonight. You are about to approve a change in future land use for a parcel of private property that has been owned by the Fellows family for nearly 100 years. Your vote will change the designation of the land use to open space, indicating that the City does not want this land developed. This will place one more barrier in the path to development of this land and, in my opinion, make development impractical. Consider, how can you expect that a development loan can be obtained when the City has declared that it does not want the land developed?

A few weeks ago the Planning Commission approved rezoning the land for seven single-family homes. Then, last week the same commission voted to designate the future use of the land as open space, saying that this action has nothing to do with the City taking the land. In fact, this action has everything to do with the City taking the land. By this action the City denies the Fellows family the opportunity to develop the land, effectively taking from the family their right to develop their own private property.

This is a serious decision you are about to take. No justification has been presented for denying the Fellows family the right to develop their private property. The Planning Commission admits that there is no plan for using the property. It is clear that the only reason for declaring that the City wants this land to be open space is to make it impractical for the Fellows family to develop their private property.

John Transue

Falls Church


No, Supervisor Gross, We Do Not Vote for Electors


Fairfax County Supervisor Penny Gross is incorrect in the weekly column “News of Greater Falls Church” from the August 4-10, 2016 edition.
Nowhere in all of the voting that I did in Virginia and New York have I ever, ever, elected any Electoral College Electors… the state determined persons who actually vote for the President of the United States. And yes, each state legislature determines how those “Electors” get selected. Different methods in different states.

In fact, none of those “Electors” ever appeared on all the presidential election ballots, mechanical, paper, or electronic, that I used for the past four decades.

Can any of the Falls Church News-Press readers name their presidential electors? Not likely…

Donald E. White

Falls Church


Thank You for State Theatre Watch Party Coverage


Many thanks for your coverage of the convention watch party held at the State Theatre on July 28. It was very much a team effort, with great credit going to the campaign staff who are working very diligently in our community. We were happy to welcome residents across the political spectrum in this crucial election season.

Peg Willingham

Falls Church


Loved the Coconut Pops Recipe in Food & Dining Section


Thanks to Ileana Morales Valentine who contributed the Rich Coconut Pops recipe in the Food and Dining section of last week’s News-Press.
I made them for company last night, and everyone loved them and asked for the recipe. Thank you for sharing it!

Susan Andalora

Falls Church


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