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The Pig Versus The Feminist

nfbenton-mugThere’s absolutely no question but that Donald Trump’s barely-veiled assassination threat against Hillary Clinton Tuesday was intentional and deliberate. At a campaign rally, he injected a carefully-crafted parenthetical phrase into remarks about the Second Amendment designed to set off alarm bells exactly as it did.

It is another typical step in keeping with the bullying, intimidating style he’s exhibited all along. It was taken as no joking matter by the Secret Service and undoubtedly by many lunatics who’d be willing to take the law into their own hands.

But it is almost laughable now to see how top level Republicans are scrambling to flee from this candidate. No, no, people, he’s yours. You created him. You sowed the seeds of the rise of this obscenity by your own deceit, by your own unbroken resolve to obstruct everything President Obama has tried to accomplish since coming into office in 2009, by unleashing the Freedom Works’ racist grass-tops anti-Obama movement.

The acute immorality that took over the GOP at its highest levels was not only involved in this policy of obstruction, but in the passage of a plethora of laws to unfairly restrict the ability of minorities to even vote. It’s taken the federal courts to slap down these laws, and in many cases in the angriest of terms for their blatant prejudice against the very notion of free and fair elections.

Yes, Republicans, Donald Trump didn’t do any of those things. You did. You deserve Donald Trump and to step away from him now, you can only do honestly if you first acknowledge your culpability and pledge to change your corrupt and unconscionable ways.

While that is highly unlikely, those more inclined to do so are historically Republican women. New York Times reporters Michael Barbaro and Amy Chozick reported this week that this is beginning to happen in a big way.

Since the party conventions late last month, support for Trump among Republican women has declined by 13 percentage points, according to Times and CBS News polls, and in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania, support among women overall has declined to just 27 percent, according to a Frankin and Marshall College poll.

If nothing else, Trump represents an archetypical, cartoonish (if not more dangerous) Archie Bunker-type white male chauvinist thug, a slob in the mold of Roger Ailes whose sexist bullying at Fox News is just now beginning to come to light.

What a stark contrast this image presents to Hillary Clinton! What an opportunity for something far more fundamental to the ongoing degradation of our culture to be identified and called out!
There was an immense counterinsurgency unleashed starting in the 1960s to deter the gains of the civil rights, feminist and other social equality movements, and one of its biggest components was to use the “sex, drugs and rock and roll” so-called counterculture to undermine the progressive morality and newly-found self-esteem that was at the heart of these movements.

The “sexual revolution” component of this counterculture was targeted against the feminist movement, in particular, designed to reduce women to a new levels of objectivism, abuse and disdain under the guise of being “revolutionary.”

As an early “gay liberation” activist in the mass counterculture scene of the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw this first hand, and a small group of colleagues and I came to realize that our wider progressive moral movement could advance only by countering this wider trend. Thus, I became a “gay male in the feminist revolution,” and founded The Effeminist newspaper.

It is heartening that, in this current environment where a woman is about to be elected president of the United States for the first time, President Obama has pronounced himself a “feminist” in a timely opinion piece in this month’s Glamour magazine, targeting “the attitude that raises our girls to be demure and our boys to be assertive, that criticizes our daughters for speaking out and our sons for shedding a tear.”

Obama’s declaration as a “feminist” is totally radical, and important, he wrote, that his daughters see him that way as they strive to rise above the constraints of inequality.