Letters to the Editor: Chamber Takes Pride in Small Business Support


Letters to the Editor: July 14 – 20, 2016


Chamber Takes Pride in Small Business Support


Thank you very much for the article highlighting the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce’s Guide for Displaced Businesses in the July 7 – 13 edition of the Falls Church News-Press. We are very pleased to be able to make the guide available to businesses that become displaced, plan to expand, or otherwise find themselves in need of a new location.

We were concerned, however, with the implication that the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce does not address the needs of the small business community when reviewing development projects.

In its capacity as the voice for business in the community, the Chamber has advocated successfully for improvements to City processes, against higher taxes, etc. While the Chamber does typically support new development, it does so because its board of directors are confident that doing so is best for the business community at-large because of the financial impact, which helps keep property taxes (paid by residents and businesses alike) from being raised significantly, and because of the influx of clients and customers that such projects will bring to existing businesses.

The Chamber prides itself on the ongoing support it provides its membership, which is primarily the small, independently-owned and operated businesses that make Falls Church so special. The Chamber provides at least three networking events each month to help small businesses build loyalty with their current client base and meet potentially new clients and customers. The Chamber also provides significant promotional opportunities to its members through its website, email marketing efforts, social media, and special events. Additionally, the Chamber provides one-on-one technical assistance and professional development opportunities through its luncheons and special programs to educate business leaders about marketing vehicles, organizational skills, business taxes, and the like.

It is the small, independently owned businesses that make Falls Church such a special community.

Our commercial corridors unfortunately are largely older buildings which makes them prime for redevelopment, especially since the City struggles financially. The guide was created to provide yet another benefit to our membership by helping them make smart choices and be better equipped to adapt when need be.

Joe Wetzel

Chairman, Falls Church Chamber of Commerce


Thanks for Keeping Us Safe, F.C. Police


Thank you, thank you to the City of Falls Church Police Dept. for keeping us safe. Thank you too to the Fire Dept. & EMS & the people who support you.

Barb Molino

Falls Church


Opposing Free College is Not Proto-Fascism


My first reaction to the editorial, “The Free Higher Education Plan” was huh? The most recent rant on the part of the editor was a bit difficult to follow, needless to say to anyone who at least tried to wade through its tortured, rambling logic.

One conclusion is apparent. He believes that anyone who opposes free college is a proto-fascist. So, every generation of Americans since our founding contained proto-fascists since they obviously eschewed providing free college to the masses. Does that make FDR a proto-fascist? Or how about Bill Clinton, who I do not recall ever proposing such a thing.

So, let’s look at this wonderful idea. A hard working coal miner, steelworker or street sweeper will be asked to pay, through his taxes, for the college education of some pampered child living off a paltry $125,000 in say, Charlestown, WV, or some other small town (or even here in our area). Now, what’s next? If the pampered child needs more than just assistance for tuition, will the government (we) also support him with living expenses too? We certainly would not want him to miss a meal would we? Working for your living expenses? What a proto-fascist idea…

The Democrat liberals have moved, in just over a half century, from (JFK, 1961) “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” to gimme, gimme, gimme free stuff.

As to the gratuitous shot on old time evangelical Methodism, I would only say that the enlightenment was not perfect. It directly gave us the French Revolution, which tried, with beheadings, to kill all the Catholic priests and nuns in France. I do not remember reading of any old time Methodists beheading any who refused one of their alter-calls at one of their tent revival meetings.

As Margaret Thatcher famously said, “Socialism is a great idea, until you run out of other peoples’ money.”

Dave Phelps

Falls Church


Democrats Had Control During Metro’s Troubles, Too


In reporting on the WMATA and Metro system’s financial issues, you accuse the Republican-controlled Congress as the main culprit for not funding repairs and upgrades.

Historically, the Democrats have had control of Congress more than the Republicans in the years since Metro was built. Please try to keep your bias out of print.

Fredericka Wall

Falls Church


Thanks for the Generosity at F.C. Farmers Market


For one of the few times, a letter that isn’t about a complaint. This is about the generous and caring people of Falls Church and its environs. I played guitar and sang at the Falls Church Farmers Market last weekend and put a sign over my tip bucket that said half my tips were going to my fellow West Virginians (I’m a native of the Mountain State living in Northern Virginia) victimized by severe and deadly flooding earlier this summer. I’ve played the Farmers Market several times in the past but never have I had the outpouring of goodwill, care and good old hard cash like I had Saturday morning. In a little over three hours of playing, I was able to provide $120 to flood relief efforts. I know, given how hard the Mountain State was hit, $120 isn’t a lot of money, but for only three hours of playing music, I think that’s pretty good.

A heartfelt thanks to you, the people of Falls Church (and surrounding areas), for your kindness and generosity.

“Durty Harry” Baisden

Falls Church


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