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Letters to the Editor: How Dare the City Try to Take the Fellows Property


Letters to the Editor: June 30 – July 6, 2016


How Dare the City Try to Take the Fellows Property


Regarding the articles about the Fellows property, I must say, I am stunned. I have always thought Falls Church practically worships its school system, but to conspire – and so brazenly! – to grab people’s homes and property for any purpose is reaching a point so low I am at a loss to categorize it. Eminent domain has always been controversial and is often a bully tactic of the government to get what it wants no matter how unjust. And that is the case here. How dare the City! What a bunch of pathetic vultures! To lie in wait to snatch what belongs to other people through any means is reprehensible. In justice the properties of every Council member who agrees with this ought to be taken the same way.

Here’s a word of warning to everyone who has property in this City, especially if it is near a school: Be prepared! They’re coming for you. If not now, you can be sure your property is on their radar. And it won’t matter how you feel about it. There’s nothing you can do. Or is there? This doesn’t have to happen. Will no one stand and fight?! Because if you don’t, no one will be left to fight when they come for you and yours.

Kathleen Luisa

Falls Church


Excellent Article On Falls Church Pulitzer Winner


Captivating! Your success story on Pulitzer Prize winning Falls Church native Jennifer Jenkins was a welcome read. Well written human interest article, with good backgrounding on the controversial Fatal Force project, too!

Donald E. White

Falls Church


Marshall St. & Lee Highway Signal Needs Fixing


The antiquated traffic light at the corner of Marshall Street and Lee Highway needs to be replaced, either by fixing its function or installing a new system.

The regular routine of light changes continues to provide a left turn signal, even when there is no traffic attempting to turn left. With the incredible increase in traffic within Falls Church City because of the lack of City planning for congestion, the least that can be done for residents is to have a modern, properly functioning traffic light system.

Robert T. Mansker

Falls Church


Thank You To All Tinner Hill Blues Fest Supporters


A big blues thank you to Falls Church City and all the sponsors, volunteers, neighbors, family and friends who helped make the 23rd annual Tinner Hill Blues Festival a success. It is gratifying to be part of a community that takes such ownership and pride in local organizations and events. The Tinner Hill Blues Festival is the only three day long event in the city and slowly has been attracting visitors from outside the city who come, stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, visit our businesses and spend money in our city! The participation of many is what makes our festival unique – from the art exhibit, to the library musical story hour to the community center workshop and local history films, to local venues on the blues crawl Saturday night made this weekend special and fun for visitors and residents alike!

We hope the festival continues to grow and with the support of our community the festival can become a destination for music loving travelers – some of the nicest folks on earth. Again, thank you to all our local friends and supporters!

Nikki Graves Henderson 

History Project Director


Sending Happy Birthday Wishes To Albert Eisele


We would like to extend happy birthday wishes to Albert Eisele, who according to his letter published in the News-Press the week of June 2, turns 80 on June 28. We have never met Mr. Eisele, but were very touched by his letter, “May Was Not a Merry Month for Falls Church or Me.”

We share his sadness over the recent closings of Vantage Fitness Center (which we were about to join) and the Falls Church Florist and his concern for distracted drivers who cannot put away their cell phones for even a moment in order to drive safely. But mostly we want to express our condolences for his recent losses, especially the loss of his wife Moira to whom he was married for nearly 54 years. We hope you find much love and comfort during these trying times.

Happy Birthday Mr. Eisele!! We hope that June has been a much kinder month to you.

Ford and Shelia Newman

Falls Church


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