Rabid Raccoon Caught by City of Falls Church Police

A City of Falls Church police officer caught a rabid raccoon this weekend, according a press release from the City of Falls Church. The City said that it is possible that this is the raccoon that scratched a person and fought with two dogs last week.

Falls Church Animal Control has advised the community to be vigilant about getting the rabies vaccine for their pet, not letting their pets roam freely and not feeding wildlife. Also, Animal Control has warned that if residents see a raccoon showing the following signs that indicate a sick animal, they should contact the City of Falls Church Police Department immediately: staggering gait, oblivious to noise or nearby movement, erratic wandering or circling, excessive drooling, disorientation, wet and matted hair on face, repeated high-pitch vocalization and/or self-mutilation, biting or snapping.

If bitten or scratched by a wild or stray animal or a pet that was seen acting strangely, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water and apply antiseptic (if able) and seek medical attention immediately. Residents who want to report an incident can contact the City of Falls Church Police immediately at 703-241-5053.