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Eagle Films Nominated for Star Wars Fan Film Award

Local writer, director and producer Phillip Cook, who owns the Falls Church-based Eagle Films, has had his short film “MALICE” nominated as one of 25 entries for Audience Choice Award in the Star Wars Fan Film Awards, which is run by The Walt Disney Company. Cook’s entry was a shortened version of a special episode from his award-winning web series.

During every other season break, the MALICE cast and crew put together a stand-alone special episode where the lead character, Alice, has a Walter Mitty-type of imaginary adventure outside of the usual story line. Alice is a contemporary young woman with an active fantasy life who consistently battles the unknown to protect her family, no matter how dysfunctional they might be. This time, Alice’s wild flight of fantasy borrows familiar elements of the Star Wars universe. Once again, her family is at risk, and once again, Alice comes to the rescue. This time, though, she’s got a light saber and the aid of her trusted sidekick, BB-1, aka “Battle Bunny.”

The series, which was created entirely in Falls Church and features local talent, runs four seasons, two major story arcs and two specials. The first two story arcs have been released on Hulu as full-length movies and the original episode screen for free on YouTube. For more information, visit