Plans for Big Chimneys Park Vetted

Big Chimneys Park on Annandale Road across from the backside of the soon-to-be-opened Harris Teeter, is in the sights of the City’s Recreation and Parks Department, and its Rec and Parks Advisory Board, who made a presentation on plans to the work session of the Falls Church City Council Monday night. Parks Director Danny Schlitt led a discussion of the potentials for the site, which will require a lot of earth moving due to the uneven land. “It’s currently just a big bowl,” Schlitt said, and Council member Letty Hardi called it “swampy with a lot of mosquitos.”

Schlitt said that gateway signage, ball bounce-back walls, grills, benches, playground structures and more will open the park to the many children who live in the immediate area. It would not be a good place for a dog park, he said. Currently, plans are for construction to begin in March 2018 and be completed by October 2018.