Letters to the Editor: More Residential Density Is Bad for Falls Church


Letters to the Editor: May 26 – June 1, 2016


More Residential Density Is Bad for Falls Church


First, we had Ms. Twiford’s Falls Church News-Press guest commentary several weeks ago arguing for greater residential density in the City, and now we have the Planning Commission approving the largest single family residential development in years.

I understand from news reports that the Fellows development is “by-right,” but it should be clear to everyone that increasing density in our residential areas is the absolutely worst, most expensive, thing we could do. As the area continues to urbanize, there will be growing pressure to change rules and allow more property owners to subdivide, cash-out and leave the economic wreckage behind.

I can only hope that our elected officials will have the fortitude to focus density on commercial areas and leave our neighborhoods alone.

David Chavern

Falls Church


Why Doesn’t News-Press Believe in Checks & Balances?


Most U.S. citizens believe this country has the world’s best military and most people want this to continue. One could conclude, therefore, that the country should fund whatever the Pentagon asks for to continue this advantage.

Clearly, this conclusion is ridiculous and the Pentagon is subject both to oversight by both O.M.B. and Congressional committees to make sure that the military’s requests are both reasonable and balanced against competing budget requests. It is not unusual for O.M.B. to give agencies budget marks as guidance before they submit their budget requests.

Surely, you can see the wisdom of this checks and balances system. Why then does the same sort of independent vetting of school board budget requests seem inappropriate to you? It is the job of both the City Council and City financial staff to perform this function.

James Schoenberger

Falls Church


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