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AT&T Hosts ‘Puede Esperar’ Event in Bailey’s Crossroads

(Photo: Courtesy of AT&T)
(Photo: Courtesy of AT&T)

AT&T hosted an event at the Bailey’s Crossroads AT&T store, located at 5831 Crossroads Center, Falls Church, on Tuesday, May 10 to highlight the launch of Puede Esperar, AT&T’s new Spanish language It Can Wait campaign, to help educate the local Hispanic community on the dangers of distracted driving by having them test virtual reality technology.

Volunteers shared information about the new campaign and used the newly released Spanish virtual reality mobile application to show participants what can happen when they take their eyes off the road to look at their phones.

Attendees at the event used the virtual reality mobile application and virtual reality goggles to experience the potential danger themselves. For more information about the campaign, visit