GMHS Girls Lax Tramples 2 Foes, Boast 8-4 Record

MASON SOPHOMORE CLAIRE TRUNDLE craddles the ball during the Mustangs’ win over Park View High School. (Photo: FCCPS Photo/Jen Cipriano)
MASON SOPHOMORE CLAIRE TRUNDLE craddles the ball during the Mustangs’ win over Park View High School. (Photo: FCCPS Photo/Jen Cipriano)

by Jeffrey Wojtala – Special to the News-Press

Thursday, April 28 was Falls Church Youth Lacrosse night at George Mason High School. Various age youth teams were on hand to support the Mustangs, escorting players to the field and playing scrimmages during half time.

The Mustangs routed the Park View Patriots from Sterling 22-0 at home in front of the young Falls Church lacrosse players. As the game began it was apparent the Patriots would be short handed in the match with only three substitute players on their sideline. The Mustangs played a conservative game and worked on their plays against the Patriots.

At halftime the score stood at 15-0 in favor of the Mustangs. Claire Hiscott, Amy Roche, Sarah Lubnow, Maeve Donnelly, Elizabeth Dodge, Selwyn Hemingway, Meredith Johnson, Olivia Cipriano, and Alex Biggs scored goals for the Mustangs in the first half. Assists were credited to Roche, Lubnow, Harmony Lajeunesse, Heminway and Hiscott.

The half time festivities consisted of two youth lacrosse teams playing a ten minute scrimmage. At the end of the scrimmage the score was tied at two goals.

The second half of the varsity game began with most of the starters resting on the sidelines having been subtituted midway through the first half.

The Mustangs continued to work on their skills with the whole team being able to handle the ball. Cipriano, Biggs, Anna Dubro, Heminway, Claire Trundle, and Lajeunesse scored goals in the second half of the match.

The Mason Varsity Girls lacrosse team headed west Monday night for a game against the Heritage High School Pride in Leesburg, where they beat the Pride 25-8.

The game, originally scheduled for a 6 p.m. start, was moved ahead due to the growing threat of thunderstorms in the area. The game was also to be a test for the Mustangs, being the first game this season for them on a natural grass field.

Mason won the first two draws to quickly hold a 2-0 lead one minute 20 seconds into the game with goals by Roche and Hannah Hiscott, but the Pride offense quickly responded with two of their own to tie the game with 23:10 left in the half. Mason’s head coach Courtney Gibbons then took advantage of the official timeout to switch out a majority of the starting squad for her reserves.

Mason then went on a 15-2 run against the Pride to pull away at the half with a score of 17-4. The remaining Mason goals were scored by Hannah Hiscott, Lydia Gorman (3), Dodge, Roche (4), Lubnow (2), Claire Hiscott (2), Donnelly, and Biggs. Assists were recorded by Hannah Hiscott (2), Roche (2) and Lajeunesse.

Mason Goaltender Annette Schlitt stood tall in net and recorded numerous saves and the remaining Mason squad, Bridgett Rorrer, Trundle, Lydia Grund, Kalena Wojtala, Caroline Duffett, Rae Mondragon and Heminway stood firm to limit the Pride to the two goals.

The second half began with much of the same players as the first half taking the field against the Pride. Dodge performed her custom crease roll and scored the first goal of the half at the 24:02 mark.

Cipriano capped a quick give-and-go from Lubnow two minutes later to make it 19-4, and Johnson, Claire Hiscott assisted by Biggs, and Lubnow assisted by Roche placed three more behind the Pride goalie to make it a 22-4 score with 17:16 left in the game.

At the 18:10 minute mark Coach Gibbons substituted Schlitt with freshman goaltender McKenzie Brady to finish the game.

The Pride would go on to score another four goals in the half and Mason would score another three, two more by Dodge and one more by Johnson (2) to finish the win just as the rain began to fall.