23 Students Nominated for F.C. Boards & Commissions

A Falls Church Citizens for a Better City (CBC) led initiative to encourage high school students to apply to serve as student volunteer members of the City’s various boards, commissions and civic groups has yielded a second year’s crop of promising public servants. The final decision will be in the hands of the Falls Church City Council this coming Monday, but the CBC vetted with interviews the following students that it is forwarding to the Council for confirmation.

They are Andrew Wong, Aziz Shaik, Bhaskar Singhvi, Carly Roberson, Eema Ahmed, Esther Kim, Hannah Trauberman, Harshini Ravi, Hermela Hailemariam, Isabella Flory, Kat Melara, Lincoln Orellana, Merriweather Gordon, Nathan Holmes, Nuki Giorgadze, Sarah Maller, Tika Wallace, Valentina Anfingenova, Will Sherard, Zander Webb, Camilee Borja, Christian Autor and Sunita Kaythekar.