Dems Uphold 24 McAuliffe Vetoes in Richmond

Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly yesterday stopped 24 Republican bills to override gubernatorial vetoes, including legislation that would have defunded Planned Parenthood, legalized LGBT discrimination and lowered the wages of working Virginians. Republican-backed bills, all previously vetoed by Governor McAuliffe, would have become law if not for Democratic votes to sustain the vetoes and kill the legislation in the Senate and House of Delegates.

“Democrats in the General Assembly made sure that common sense prevailed today in Richmond,” said Democratic House leader Del. David Toscano. “Throughout the 2016 legislative session, Governor McAuliffe and Democrats have been focused on building a new Virginia economy, and that extreme legislation is not only opposed by the majority of Virginians, but distracts from our efforts to create jobs, and support investments in public education.”