McAuliffe: April 16 ‘Va. Tech Remembrance Day’

Virignia Governor Terry McAuliffe yesterday declared April 16, 2016 as “Virginia Tech Remembrance Day” in Virginia in honor of those who were killed or injured during a mass shooting at the university on April 16, 2007.

“We will stop on April 16 not only to remember the horror of that day and those we lost too soon, but also to recall the good that was done that day as first responders rushed to prevent further loss of life, fellow students and staff helped protect and comfort one another, and the community was lifted up by the good will that poured in from every corner of the globe,” Gov. McAuliffe said. At 9:43 a.m., the bell at the Capitol Square Bell Tower will ring for each of the 32 victims, followed by a moment of silence. The Governor ordered the state flag flown at half-staff on all local, state and federal buildings in the Commonwealth throughout the day in honor of the victims, their families and the entire Virginia Tech community.

Gov. McAuliffe encouraged those who want to get involved to donate blood during the 2016 Day of Remembrance.