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Barnes & Noble Tysons Hosts Thursday Game Nights

Barnes & Noble Tysons, located at 7851 L Tysons Corner Center, McLean, has begun hosting game nights every Thursday at its store, with a different board game featured every week starting at 7 p.m. On Thursday, March 3 at the featured game will be King of Tokyo, a tabletop game featuring six monsters for players to choose from.

Splendor, a multiplayer board game in which players are merchants during the Renaissance-era who buy gem mines, transportation and shops, will be the featured game on Thursday, March 17. Codenames, a board game created in 2015, has an espionage setting, where players try to identify their own secret agents based on their code names and will be the game night game on Thursday, March 24.

Rounding out the month of March game nights at Barnes & Noble Tysons is Lanterns: The Harvest Festival Board Game, which will be featured on Thursday, March 31. For more information about game nights at Barnes & Noble Tysons, call Marta R. Steenstra Davis at 703-506-6756 or email her at [email protected].