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TJ’s Bob Palermo Nominated for Principal of the Year

Bob Palermo, Principal of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, was nominated for the Washington Post Principal of the Year award. Palermo has been TJ’s Principal for the past six years and prior to that he was Assistant Principal at the school for seven.

His nomination for the award said, “being with the students and seeing them progress and learn is at the heart of Bob’s mission.” Teachers at TJ praised his steady leadership, one of whom said “A leader by example, Bob is a model of kindness, stability, humility, flexibility and fairness that is needed by our staff and valued by our school.”

“Bob has always been known for his ability to see the big picture.” Speech-Language Pathologist Denise O’Neil wrote, “Bob is a kind and steady partner with teachers in problem-solving the difficult situations that might arise on any given day.” For more information, visit