Letters to the Editor: The State Theatre Should Think More About Acts It Books


Letters to the Editor: February 11 – 17, 2016


The State Theatre Should Think More About Acts It Books


The State Theatre shooting will not affect my decision to attend shows there in the future. I have been going to the State Theatre for the past 15 years. I mainly go to see classic rock tribute bands and I hope to attend the upcoming Led Zeppelin tribute show on the evening of Friday, March 18.

The State Theatre should be careful about the type of acts they book. Do not bring in so-called “go-go” acts. They attract the wrong type of crowd.

This shooting was a big embarrassment for the City of Falls Church. It hurts the clean image of that neighborhood. I hope it never happens again.

Greg Paspatis



Appreciates Beyer’s Work On Environmental Issues


Congressman Don Beyer is leading on pressing environmental issues. At a recent hearing for the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, he stood up to those who tried to challenge and undermine the historic international agreement in Paris, where every country committed to doing its fair share to reduce carbon pollution.

Congressman Beyer cited examples of rising sea levels and the spread of new diseases as clear indications of the urgent need for global action on climate change, adding that clean air and water standards have a long history of leading to innovation and economic growth.

Nearly 200 countries came together to work on solutions that tackle the climate crisis, but big polluters and their allies in Congress would rather stick their heads in the sand on climate change and block all progress. We appreciate Congressman Beyer’s continued leadership and look forward to working with him to address this and other environmental concerns.

Michael Town

Executive Director, Virginia League of Conservation Voters


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