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Press Pass: Bebel Gilberto

BEBEL GILBERTO. (Photo: Harper Smith)
BEBEL GILBERTO. (Photo: Harper Smith)

Singer Bebel Gilberto is doing something special for her fans for Valentine’s Day. She’s going on an intimate Valentine’s Day tour throughout February and coming to The State Theatre in Falls Church on February 13.

“This was an idea that my agent had for a little while and they created this whole thing and I love it,” Gilberto said.

“And we decided to do it acoustic, with just me and a guitar and I like it. So far we’ve gotten a good reaction and we’re putting together a very beautiful set….It’s very difficult as well, but it’s from the heart.”

Gilberto said that she will be playing songs from throughout her catalog, including selections from her latest album Tudo, which was released in 2014, and special arrangements created just for the tour.

She said that Tudo, the first album she released in five years, took so long to release because she was working on a concert DVD that she shot and produced in Brazil.

“This album, I love it…it came straight from my heart…and I think people love it,” Gilberto said. “We toured in Europe and Japan and it was very well received.”

“Tudo,” the title song from her latest album, was nominated for a 16th Latin Grammy Award in the Best Brazilian Song category. Gilberto said that another song from the album, “Somewhere Else,” was inspired by finding inner peace.

“It was inspired by nature and just observing people and just letting my inspiration takeover,” Gilberto said. “The piano that I play at the beginning of the song, I woke up one morning and I heard it and then the lyrics just started coming to me. It’s not the most deep and intellectual song, but it is what it is. It was inspired by the future, by love and by nature.”

Another pair of projects that Gilberto worked on during the break between albums was lending her voice to the role of Eva in the films “Rio” and “Rio 2.” She said that she loved playing the role in both films.

“I’m hoping that they do a number three for Rio, but I haven’t heard anything yet,” Gilberto said. Despite loving working on the projects and saying it was simple, it still had its challenges.

“Well, I was really directed. Carlos Saldanha is an amazing director,” Gilberto said. “He told me exactly what he wanted….he’s really awesome. So I must credit him, he was a good director…But I must say, it wasn’t as easy as you think, we had to train for the parts.”

Gilberto playing Eva in the “Rio” franchise is just the latest in a storied career that has spanned three decades professionally, but reaches much further back to her childhood as the progeny of music legends Joao Gilberto and Miucha. She said that her childhood lasted until she was about eight years old when she started singing and later acting in musicals.

“It was a bit of a natural thing, you know? I remember as a kid going with my parents for their recording sessions or being backstage when they had a concert,” Gilberto said.

“So everything was really natural for me. I didn’t really realize until I got older that I was already working then and receiving musical lessons. And what’s better to train the ear than learning new songs everyday and going to record jingles with my mother. And I loved it.”

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