Letters to the Editor: Taking a Step & Changing Attitudes on Gun Violence


Letters to the Editor: January 21 – 27, 2016


Taking a Step & Changing Attitudes on Gun Violence


We have all seen too many reports of shootings and gun-related violence in communities in Virginia, across the United States and now in the City of Falls Church early Monday morning. We have seen the President and other leaders console mourning families, and commentators citing the statistics and calling for action. Ordinary citizens may feel helpless as the cycle repeats itself again and again. If you “start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible” (St. Francis of Assisi). So what can we do?

One significant step, for Virginia and as an example for others, will be to seek the approval of our legislators for a special interest license plate design. The Virginia General Assembly session began on January 13, 2016. To move this forward we need to present 450 prepaid applications from applicants with active vehicle registrations to our legislators and the Department of Motor Vehicles, as soon as possible (next two weeks).

We’ve taken an ad out in this week’s edition of the Falls Church News-Press on page eight with more information on how to submit your application.
This will be a step that is possible moving us towards what seems impossible, which is changing attitudes about gun violence.

Carol Luten, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Falls Church


Why Did Parents Abandon a 6-Year-Old Boy?


The story of Brian Villegas is a touching one, and I think that regardless of where anyone falls on the immigration issue we can all agree that we want nothing but the best for the boy. But there is one question Drew Costley’s article doesn not ask, much less answer: If Brian’s parents care about him, why did they abandon their then six-year-old boy to live with his grandparents in such dangerous conditions?

Jeff Walyus

Falls Church


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