Council Defers Zoning Change for Churches

The Falls Church City Council Monday voted to defer action on the final approval of a zoning change that would require a special use permit for certain uses now allowed in the City code, such as churches, parish houses and similar religious facilities, as well as mental health facilities. In addition, payday lenders and car title companies were added to the list of uses proposed to be special exception uses. The changes would also allow second story business signs and permit strings of lights in trees and outdoor cafes and plazas in the business districts of the City.

Among the intents of a β€œB-2” downtown business district, it was noted, is β€œto provide the community with a variety of retail and service-oriented businesses that will respond to various community and consumer needs.”

The Planning Commission will hear the item at its January 19 meeting with the idea that it will come back to the City Council for final action on January 25.