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Local Elementary School Earns $ Through Recycling

Haycock Elementary School in Falls Church is working with TerraCycle, a recycling company, to collect empty applesauce pouches for recycling in the GoGo squeeZ Brigade, according to a press release from TerraCycle. The school is among the top GoGo squeeZ collectors of 2015, having collected 2,250 this year.

Since signing up for the program, Haycock students have saved a total of 2,796 pouches from ending up in local landfills. The GoGo squeeZ Brigade is a free, national recycling program held by TerraCycle and GoGo squeeZ, an applesauce company, that allows schools like Haycock to earn rewards for recycling empty applesauce pouches.

For every unit of waste sent to TerraCycle for recycling, collectors earn points which can be later redeemed as a charity gift or cash donation for their school or nonprofit of choice. Nationwide, participants in the GoGo squeeZ Brigade have recycled over 1.4 million squeezable snack pouches and caps, raising over $30,000 for schools and nonprofit organizations. For more information, visit