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What If the Evidence Out There is Real?

nfbenton-mugGreat care should be taken to ensure that any single incident, like the ostensible downing of a Russian fighter plane by the Turkish military, not become a cause celebre for breaking apart the potential for a significant new anti-ISIS alliance inclusive of Russia, the U.S. and others.

President Obama was right on this point in the remarks he made at the press conference with French President Hollande yesterday. Who knows what kind of rogue element could have been involved, on either side of the incident, perhaps in an underhanded attempt to rip apart the potential for an important political accord?

This is too often the world in which covert elements hostile to peace, hostile to a united front to wipe ISIS off the map, are deployed to come into play. Was this incident the result of a CIA operation directed by elements of the U.S. military industrial complex flummoxed by the notion that their ISIS assets will not succeed in plunging the middle east into the kind of 30 years war that will require massive ground troop operations from the U.S.?

Every time single incidents erupt to block a path to peace and concord, one should be automatically suspicious.

The incident in this case will be just one more occasion for the military industrial complex’s political dogs of war, the field of pathetic Republican presidential candidates in particular, to begin another round of howling.

To shift gears for a moment, I for one truly hope that that one of the number of recent evidences being identified through the Hubble telescope and other advanced information tracking technologies will reveal as truly conclusive evidence of highly intelligent extraterrestrial life out there in space.

Increasingly, evidence is mounting using these means that are becoming hard to dismiss, although in each case so far, alternative explanations have been found to account for strange radio waves and oscillations that defy usual natural patterns.

Of course, such things would be amazing beyond the imagination were they proved in any one case to be true. According to Science World Report, for example, “Researchers have found bursts of radio waves flashing across the sky that seem to follow a mathematical pattern; if the pattern is real, then either something strange is happening or the bursts are artificial and produced by human-or-alien technology.”

The article adds, “Although these radio bursts last just a few milliseconds, they erupt with about as much energy as the sun releases in a month. Ten of these bursts have been detected since 2001, and the most recent one was captured live in 2014 in New South Wales, Australia.”

It cites the acting director of the Carnegie Observatories saying, “These events are one of the biggest mysteries of the universe,” adding that, “Until now, astronomers were not able to catch one of these events in the act.”

One problem we earthlings have in modern times is as simple as an inability, due to so much light being emitted from our sprawling urban centers, to even observe our surroundings beyond our own atmosphere.

Aside from the sun, moon and occasionally bright planet, it is becoming more difficult to make out even the stars in the constellation, Orion, for example, and of course, we view them in a two-dimensional mental map, like a map on a wall, without appreciating that the stars making up that one constellation are fabulously far apart from one another in terms of depth.

Getting out into the countryside to ponder the Milky Way, for example, can be a veritably spiritual experience. Add to this visual effect the fact, hopefully scientifically confirmed at some point not too far off, that there are intelligent, feeling and even compassionate eyes (or whatever) peering back at us could help to slap much of humanity to its senses.

Best evidences reaching us would be thousands of years old (in light year terms) and would suggest a level of intelligence and technological development, by now, unfathomably advanced.

This news should cause humanity to shift its focus from petty wars and greed to the higher angels of our potential to evolve and develop with the awe, wonderment and excitement of young children.