F.C. GOP Chief Cautions Vs. Potential Election Disruption Tuesday

The head of the Falls Church City Republicans Committee told the News-Press in an interview Monday┬áthat he’s called off any participation by his organization in work at the three City of F.C. polling places in Tuesday’s election out of an abundance of caution that there may be disruptions. Ken Feltman said that his wife, a volunteer electoral official, said that there was discussion about potentially disruptive activities due to those who have made highly-charged comments on the election in website postings, and the fact that Feltman, himself, received an anonymous phone call saying he and his wife “should watch their windows.”

Feltman said he assumed the comment was in reaction to his own Facebook posting quoted in the News-Press┬áthat extends support for incumbent Council member Phil Duncan, a Democrat, in the face of a fury of charges questioning Duncan’s character not associated with the core issues of development and the schools in Tuesday’s election.