New Electronics & Furniture Store Comes to Eden Center

Teletron, a consumer electronics and furniture retail store that caters to the Asian-American community, will open a new store in Eden Center at 6787A Wilson Boulevard in Falls Church. Teletron provides television, major appliances, audio, video, premium health products, Italian furniture and mattresses.

A grand opening will include a four day sales event from Friday, October 2 – Monday, October 5. A public live concert featuring live performances from well-known Vietnamese entertainers and artists including actress Kiều-Chinh, emcee Nam-Lộc, Tuấn-Vũ, Phương-Hồng-Quế, Thái-Châu, Thiên-Kim, Đặng-Thế-Luân, Hà-Thanh-Xuân, Đoàn-Phi, Ngọc-Huyền, guitarist Đạt-Nguyễn, Thành-Lễ, Ngọc-Minh, Bảo-Khánh, Trang-Thanh-Lan, Tuấn-Châu, Mai-Lệ-Huyền, comedians Bảo-Liêm, Bảo-Vi, Emcee Trần-Quốc-Bảo, and Nguỵ-Vũ will take place Sunday, October 4 from noon – 4 p.m.

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