Letters to the Editor: Why Not Move Mt. Daniel To F.C. City Hall Site?


Letters to the Editor: September 24 – 30, 2015


Why Not Move Mt. Daniel To F.C. City Hall Site?


Upon the announcement of another request for deferral of the Fairfax County Planning Commission vote, I felt compelled to write. At a recent PTA meeting, Dr. Toni Jones was asked when we would start to consider looking for a location within the City for Mount Daniel. Her response was that a proposal to relocate City Hall and use that site was met with resistance. I am wondering what are the cons of that scenario?

I see a ton of opportunities with Cherry Hill Park, Mary Riley Styles Library and the Community Center facilities nearby. The biggest pro for me would be control over our own destiny. I am concerned that we are starting to look like the pimple-faced teenager scared to ask the popular girl to the dance. We need to know our worth and the merits of this project. If they say no, we need to move on.

Amaya Lambert Franklin

Falls Church


City of F.C. Already Has Enough Traffic


Is there anyone living in this Little City that can remember the stress of trying to drive through the Merrifield area a decade ago during rush hour? Then you remember true frustration of traffic backing up to our city. Fairfax County kept promising it was working on the situation but promises were all we got for a decade.

But, by golly, Fairfax got it right. What a breeze it is to drive the area now! Two left turning lanes, one right turning lane and three through lanes and on both sides, fairly timed traffic lights. Easy in and out to Mosaic and lots of free parking, some which, in turn, attracts a wide variety of business to the area, anchored by a large Target store and nearby Home Depot. Wow!

Now where is the traffic? It’s here in the Little City at every major intersection – Broad St., Washington St., Annandale Rd. – and probably on your street too!

While our city planners, with tax dollars in their eyes, are allowing more buildings so close to the existing streets, that it will never be able to expand the width of said street to accommodate the added traffic.

It won’t be long before Falls Church will be the city to drive around because you can’t drive through – unless you really need pizza, beer or frozen yogurt!

G.J. Wilson

Falls Church


Fairfax County Shouldn’t Add Meal Tax


The recent growth in Fairfax County is unmatched except for possibly after World War II. This added new residency must be creating a burden on the county school budget. This boom is not being properly planned for as it relates to the expansion of expenditures in the school budget. The record profits being earned by real estate developers is where county elected officials need to focus. To pick on a different industry to cover the burden created by land developers is an inequity. An example of this inequity is the new Mosaic District.

Why were the developers allowed to create all that new housing without having to directly contribute to new county school facilities? Will the new property taxes generated by the housing completely cover that costs of all those new families using the school system? I believe that during the post-WWII boom developers were required to actually build schools in the neighborhoods they were developing. If the county is to choose one industry to tax it should be the industry that is directly affecting the revenue needs, not one that appears to be easy picking. When speaking to elected officials, the people in their offices and the people who work directly for the county bureaucracy like school administrators I often hear: “they have meal tax in Arlington, Falls Church City and Fairfax City so why shouldn’t we do the same?” To this I would like to quote something my mother told me as a child: “If Joe Blow jumps off the Memorial Bridge it doesn’t mean that I should” and “two wrongs do not make a right.”

Before the county considers placing a meal tax on the ballot they better well consider other options. They need to consider finding new taxes in the enormous well-funded real estate development industry before coming after an industry that has no part in the creation of the fiscal shortfall that the tax is supposed to remedy.

Michael J. Natoli

Falls Church


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