Crime Report: Stolen Political Yard Signs & a Smashed Revolving Door at Famous Dave’s

Election season is officially underway in the City of Falls Church and already political yard signs are being stolen. Police report signs were taken from both a residence on Parker Ave. and another on Hillwood last week. No word on which candidates’ signs were nabbed.

In other crime report news, someone stole some liquor from the ABC Store on Hillwood, keys were taken from a locker at 24 Hour Fitness and used to open a car where the owner’s personal items were stolen and the same day a wallet was taken from another locker. Also, a 26-year old Falls Church man was arrested for domestic assault and someone smashed the glass revolving door at Famous Dave’s.


City of Falls Church Crime Report: September 14 – 20, 2014

Shoplifting, 167 Hillwood Ave. (Virginia ABC Store) On Sep. 15, liquor was reported stolen from the business.

Driving Under the Influence and Drinking while Driving, 200 block W. Annandale Rd. On Sep. 17, a male, 25, of Falls Church, was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and Drinking while Driving.

Larceny from Building, 1000 block Hillwood Ave. On Sep. 17, political signs were reported stolen from a residence.

Public Drunkenness, 100 block W. Broad St. On Sep. 17, a male, 32, no fixed address, was arrested for Public Drunkenness.

Larceny from Building and Motor Vehicle, 1000 E. Broad St. (24 Hour Fitness) On Sep. 18, an unknown suspect stole keys from a locker and opened car door to steal the victim’s personal items.

Domestic Assault, 900 block Ellison St. On Sep. 19, a male, 26, of The City of Falls Church, was arrested for Assaulting a Family Member.

Larceny from Building, 700 block Parker Ave. On Sep. 20, a political sign was reported stolen from a residence.

Driving Under the Influence, 500 block E. Broad St. On Sep. 20, a male, 26, of Silver Spring, MD, was arrested for Driving Under the Influence.

Larceny from Building, 1000 E. Broad St. (24 Hour Fitness) On Sep. 18, an unknown suspect stole a wallet from a locker.

Destruction of Property, 370 W. Broad St. (Famous Dave’s) On Sep. 20, an unknown suspected smashed the glass to the revolving door.