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Letters to the Editor: The Fate of Our Trees In The Little City


Letters to the Editor: September 10 – 16, 2015


The Fate of Our Trees In The Little City


When we moved here 30 years ago, residents were very proud of their trees and these seemed to be fairly well protected; this was a tree-loving town and potential projects took into consideration the established canopy. For instance, when there was talk about increasing the size and scope of the Community Center the potential loss of some Cherry Hill trees was a major factor that held that project back.

But as time goes by, and as the town develops there seems to be less protection of our trees.

All the trees that were on the lots for Northgate and Rushmark are gone and very few and puny trees were planted at Northgate creating no shade at all. This is a huge loss for City residents and for future generations.

The latest fatality were the deep shade trees around the perimeter of the recently bulldozed Burger King. Aren’t these trees on public property? Did the Kensington LLC get permission from the City to destroy these? With our burning hot summers, these deep shade trees provide a cooler place to walk, natural beauty and protection for wildlife.

Further up on Broad Street, on Fairfax land – in what used to be Sam’s Farm – is now a dustbowl created by Chestnut LLC Development – which should be more appropriately called Barewoods LLC as not one tree was left standing. Fairfax County has a tree preservation law that states that 20 percent of trees must be kept on a property. What happened?

What will be the fate of the George Mason High School trees across the street? Many of these trees have a human interest story behind them as many were planted in memory of a beloved teacher, administrator or staff. All the beautiful open spaces at George Mason that generations of students have enjoyed will be commercially developed; more concrete, less trees.

Lets not forget our roots.

Maybe we should call it The Little Cement City.

Linda Kamel

Falls Church


Drivers, Please Watch Out for Bicyclists


Last week I witnessed a sight I hope none of us will witness again: a car struck a cyclist at the corner of Haycock and Leesburg Pike, right in front of George Mason High School. As a bike commuter, I think about the inherent dangers of traveling on busy roads and neighborhoods. While I am happy to say that the cyclist was able to regain his footing and his bike was unharmed, I regret to say that the motorist sped off.

As the school year begins and traffic increases, please pay special attention to all users of our roads. Our lives depend on it.

Johannah Barry

Falls Church


What Else Do the Planned Parenthood Protesters Fight For?


As I watch protesters picketing Planned Parenthood in an effort to end a woman’s right to choose, I wonder how many of them have fought to extend Obamacare to these same women and to their families.

I wonder how many of them fight for Medicaid.

I wonder if a child’s health is meaningless to them after they get their way and tell a stranger what she must do.

I wonder how many of them will fight to expand the food stamp program and pay for free meals in our public schools.

I wonder how passionate they are in their fight to expand welfare.

I wonder if they even considered these basic needs in their mission to end a human’s right to make up her own mind.

I wonder how many of them will nurture these unborn children and pay for their education, their well being, their safety, their health.

I wonder if they are so caught up in their “feelings” that they’ve tossed their morality, their compassion and their heart onto the sidewalk.

I wonder if they have a real cause, a real mission, a real sense of why it is their right to interfere in anyone’s business but their own.

I wonder, I wonder. I wonder.

Scot Walker

Falls Church


Still No Whisper of Parking With New Development


In Sajeela Ramsey’s letter last week, she is right in saying people will move out because they can no longer afford to live in the City. What the City does not recognize is that some people who have lived here for years and are now on fixed incomes, really can no longer afford the taxes. One thing the realtors do not tell people is the tax structure. However, we hope that buyers are smart enough to look it up before purchasing.

Someone mentioned several issues ago that they thought all these new people moving in these apartments that are being built are probably going to have an impact on the schools. The apartments, from what has been printed, are going to be small enough for singles or possible couples to live in and probably will not have children. The Spectrum is a different story. Those are bigger and are purchased like The Broadway and The Byron.

Still no whisper of parking for all of these buildings going up. The buildings all have hopes of retail on street level and the owners of apartments will have one space per unit, true? Then we have visitors, employees of retail spaces and if it is one of the grocery stores, where are the shoppers going to park?

Barb Molino

Falls Church


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