Letters to the Editor: F.C. Has Not Made Case For Mt. Daniel Expansion


Letters to the Editor: August 20 – 26, 2015


F.C. Has Not Made Case For Mt. Daniel Expansion


The opposition to the proposed expansion of Mt. Daniel Elementary School has important aspects that have not been properly discussed in the News-Press. It should not be a surprise if the expansion is denied because the City has not made a legally sufficient case for it. I am not sure the residents of the City realize that if the land was now vacant, Fairfax County would not authorize the construction of the existing school. The first expansion should have also been denied.

Oak Street can be, and has been, a one lane street for months during the school year with leaf piles and snow piles obstructing the pavement which is a safety issue without a solution.

Aside from that safety issue no one has ever answered the question of why the residents of Oak Street in Fairfax County should bear the noise and dirt of construction and the traffic of heavy construction equipment that starts before 6 a.m so the City can avoid foisting those problems on its voters. The only reason the first expansion was done was because the residents of Falls Church objected to having to endure the noise and dirt of construction when it was proposed for the old Madison School site. The City took the easy way out and stuck us with those problems.

We should not get stuck again.

Gayle B. Matthews

Falls Church


Hollywood Stuart Alumni Concern is Faux Righteousness


The names Julianne Moore and Bruce Cohen offend me.

Julianne Moore and Bruce Cohen are now jumping on the “Politically Correctness Bandwagon” to change the name of the school, both attending J.E.B. Stuart High School in 1970s.

Where have they been the last 35+ years?

Did they just remember the name of the high school? It begs the question was Julianne really acting in her recent movie “Still Alice?”

Let’s not forget all these two highly successful J.E.B. Stuart alumni have done for their alma mater since. Is this the complete list?

1) Act offended by the name of the High School I attended 35+ years ago.

I can tell you with near certainty that if Julianne was offered the part of Daisy Duke in the “Dukes of Hazzard” TV show in 1979 you would have seen her sitting on a bright orange Dodge Charger.

Both racism and faux righteousness offend me.

My Name Is Jeb Stuart, I live with the name every day. And to the students and fellow citizens of Fairfax County, the name of the school is not going to impact your lives. What will is being true to yourself, learning something new every day, being proud of your heritage, working hard, Helping others, being honest and questioning the motives of the self-righteous politically correct crowd.

Jeb Stuart

Falls Church


F.C. School Size Increase Because Of Condos, Apartments


If the City of Falls Church has to double the size of its schools, the combined cost of building and operating the schools will send our tax bills sky high. This need must be due to all the condos and apartments that the Council is approving.

Perhaps they should change the city’s name from Falls Church to Falls Apart.

Stephen Donnelly

Falls Church


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