Transit: Which Route Through F.C.?

At a Falls Church League of Women Voters’ forum at the F.C. Community Center Sunday, panelists shared their views of options the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission will be making in the near future for an optimal route for light rail or bus rapid transit operations eventually coming through the City of Falls Church up the Route 7 corridor from Alexandria. Falls Church Vice Mayor David Snyder, who is the chair of the commission, said that the options before the group have been narrowed to light rail and bus rapid transit modes.

Yet to be determined is the route through Falls Church, which could either be directly through Route 7 (Broad Street) or with a detour onto Sycamore St. to the East Falls Church Metro. If the latter option is chosen, then it will be critical for Falls Church to have the line go from the Metro station down Route 29 back down to Route 7, Snyder said. If the plan calls for the new line to terminate at the East Falls Church Metro, then City residents will gain no benefits.