Letters to the Editor: Any Doubt from SCOTUS Over Citizens United?


Letters to the Editor: March 12 – 18, 2015


Any Doubt from SCOTUS Over Citizens United?


It’s easy to admire individuals and organizations that examine their past behavior when the negative impact of such behavior is pointed out by others. The negative impact on Democracy by the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision has been widely criticized since it came down five years ago.
Two national elections since Citizens United have offered commentators an opportunity to assess its impact, which has been predominately negative.
Has there been any speculation about Court members expressing doubt about their decision? Any words overheard at cocktail gathering, by a waiter serving lunch, a neighbor, a spouse speaking too freely, a loose tongued maid or gardener? Nothing!

Jerry Barrett

Falls Church


Big Industry Lobbying Smothers Virginia Voters


As Congress is poised to attack a rule that would restore federal protections to 57 percent of Virginia’s streams, Environment Virginia’s recent report titled “Polluting Politics” touches on a salient topic for all Virginians. The report establishes a link between some of the nation’s largest polluters, including Honeywell International Inc., which operates a chemicals and resins plant in Hopewell, Virginia, and their enormous lobbying expenditures and campaign contributions.

According to the report, the Hopewell plant spewed more than 170,000 pounds of toxic pollutants into the James River Watershed in 2012 alone. In 2014, the corporation spent over five million dollars to advance their political agenda.

Big industries like Honeywell are using their vast financial resources to smother Virginia’s voters and protect their damaging practices.

As citizens, it is our duty to make our voices heard and to demand that our decision-makers do what’s right for all Virginians, and not what’s right for a few dirty industrialists.

Julia Keane

Environment Virginia, Richmond 


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