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McLean Theatre Company Readies Regional-Premiere of Musical ‘Big Fish’

The McLean High School Theatre Company is readying a regional premiere of the musical “Big Fish,” next Monday, Feb.16, at 2 p.m. After the President’s Day premiere, the play will run from Feb. 19 – 22 with 7 p.m. showtimes Thursday – Saturday and 2 p.m. showtimes Saturday and Sunday.

In “Big Fish,” Edward Bloom sweeps the audience into a fantasy while recounting his seemingly impossible life experiences. The McLean Theatre Company’s production, led by artistic director Amy Poe and music director Bobby McCoy complete with acrobatics, juggling, aerial skills and thrilling big-stage dance numbers, aims to remind the local community why they love going to the theater for experiences that are richer, funnier and more vivid than reality.

“We are very excited that the McLean Theatre Company will debut this magical and moving adventure to the Metro D.C. community. After premiering “Catch Me If You Can” last spring and thrilling audiences with the outrageous “The Addams Family” [last] fall, our company is ready for the challenge of the spectacular that is “Big Fish.,” Poe said.

“The show’s technical elements and stunning performances will create an atmosphere where it appears the impossible is achieved. We want the audience to embrace Edward Bloom’s incredible interpretation of the mundane. Through witnessing Edward’s ‘big fish’ tales, the audience learns that reality is relative and perception is possibility.” For more information, visit