10 Tips for an Extra Christmas-y House This Holiday Season

(Photo: News-Press)
(Photo: News-Press)

Jack Lanouette and his mother, Libby Emge, of 510 East Broad Street, have some outdoor Christmas decorating advice. “I don’t have Martha Stewart tips,” Jack said. But who needs Martha when Falls Church has Jack? Supplies are available at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Michaels, Home Depot and Lowe’s.

1) Stake decorations so they don’t blow away by using garden and metal stakes.

2) To make anything Christmas-y, put a Santa hat on its head or top.

3) To discourage theft and vandalism, Jack leaves the outdoor lights on all night. Make your presence known.

4) Put lights on a timer to save electricity during the day.

5) Space lights so they are not all on the same outlet and circuit breaker.

6) Cover outlets and plugs with clear plastic wrap which acts as an umbrella.

7) To make greenery last longer, soak it for at least a couple of hours before decorating.

8) If a ladder is needed for decorating, have someone hold it to keep it steady.

9) Use LED lights to save on utility costs and create brighter displays.

10) To dress up an outdoor lolly pop or wrapped faux gift, wrap in clear plastic wrap and tie a ribbon around it.