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F.C. Resident to Appear on ‘Let’s Make A Deal’

Falls Church resident Patrice Grimes said she pieced together the whimsical outfit she wore during her appearance on Let’s Make a Deal from random clothes in her closet. (Photo: Courtesy of Patrice Grimes)

Falls Church resident Patrice Grimes was a contestant on CBS’s “Let’s Make A Deal” in an an episode that will air this Thursday, Dec. 4, at 10 a.m. The episode was filmed on August 20, 2014.

Grimes said that she and her family went to a taping of the game show while they were on vacation in Southern California. “My family and I were there for vacation that week and before we went I was researching for some things to do while we were there,” Grimes said. “And I saw that you could get free tickets to be on the show, or at least sit in the audience.”

Her entire family went through the show’s interview process, she said. “One of the guys came out and said ‘What would you do if they said you won a brand new car?’ and I just started jumping up and down hysterically,” Grimes said.

“It was really funny, I just acted really crazy and he said that’s good ‘That’s how we want people to act once they’re on the show’…and I ended up being the very first person they called down during the show.”

Grimes said that she recommends that experience for anyone vacationing in Los Angeles area. “It was a great experience to kind of see how it is done behind-the-scenes,” Grimes said. “It was like a three or four hour process for that show that’s only an hour long, but it was really fun.”

The News-Press was asked not to reveal the outcome of Grimes’ appearance on the show until after the episode airs on Thursday.