Davis: Attack Ads Soil Senate Candidates’ Integrity

A recent spate of personal attack ads in the campaign for the U.S. Senate in Virginia, especially a recent one where GOP contender Ed Gillespie assails the character of incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, are predictable in the closing days of a campaign, but by exaggeration serve only to soil the “high levels of accomplishment and integrity” of the candidates, former U.S. Rep. Tom Davis told the News-Press Tuesday.

Now teaching at George Mason University and a consultant, Davis, a Republican, said he has “high regard for Mark Warner,” adding, “It will take a lot to tear him down.” He said the latest attack ad allegation against Warner alludes to him doing something his office “is not capable of doing.” Both candidates, Davis said, “are honest and above board,” and allegations that are made in TV ads but have no other basis in reality are hard to make stick with voters. Davis also had positive things to say about Democratic congressional candidate Don Beyer. “He’s a very solid guy and an optimist,” he said.