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Falls Church Republicans to Host Virginia GOP Chair

Pat Mullins, the chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, will speak at the September meeting of the Falls Church Republicans Committee.

The meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, Sept. 18 at 7:30 p.m. at the American Legion Post 130, which is located at 400 N. Oak St., Falls Church, and the meeting is open to the public.

Amongst the topics expected to be discussed at the meeting is the effort of the Falls Church Republican Committee to change the process for nominating Republican candidates for public office in Virginia.

According to Falls Church GOP chair Ken Feltman, the Resolutions Committee of the statewide Republican Party refused to clear the resolution for a vote on the nomination process.

“Pat knows he will get an earful in Falls Church,” Feltman said. “But he has fought at every level to make the GOP more responsive to the concerns of voters. He shares the frustrations he will hear about. Probably, he will tell us to get back to our job, which is electing Republicans. Whining is not part of our mission statement.”