Letters to the Editor: Hope More Will Contribute to Runoff Conversation


Letters to the Editor: July 3 – 9, 2014


Hope More Will Contribute to Runoff Conversation


After reading Brian DeCelle’s guest commentary on Falls Church’s new stormwater utility fee in the June 12-18 edition of the Falls Church News-Press, I was pleased there was no suggestion that pollution from stormwater runoff is either not a problem, or just somebody else’s to address.

Given the complexity of the subject, and variety of methods available to address it, there are, no doubt, many opinions on ways to improve the City of Falls Church’s stormwater utility program. I hope that individuals with Mr. DeCelle’s level of interest will step forward and become engaged in the discussion when the next opportunity for recommending changes to the program arises.

I do think, however, we should gain sufficient experience with the current program before considering changes.

Tim Stevens 

Volunteer member, Falls Church Stormwater Credit Task Force


Thanks to Snyder, City for Broad Street Plan Presentation


I attended the Broad Street Plan of Action kickoff meeting two weeks ago, my first time attending such a meeting, Our planning director, James Snyder, gave a great and informative presentation. The meeting was very well organized and the staff did a fantastic job. As a property owner in the City I would like to thank Mr. Snyder and the entire staff for their outstanding work.

Pirouz Khanmalek

Falls Church


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