2024-07-19 5:02 AM

Commemoration & New Plaque to Recognize Hoosier’s Historic Sermon

A commemoration of Harry Hoosier’s historic sermon at Fairfax Methodist Chapel and a reinstallation of the plaque placed on the site by Christ Crossman United Methodist Church will take place on Sunday, June 8, at 3 p.m. at Oakwood Cemetery.

The earliest recorded instance of Harry Hoosier, a black servant for Francis Asbury, preaching a sermon was on May 13, 1781, at Fairfax Methodist Chapel located in what is now Oakwood Cemetery. Three current congregations in the City of Falls Church have their roots in Fairfax Chapel – Galloway United Methodist Church, Dulin United Methodist Church, and Christ Crossman United Methodist Church.

A plaque commemorating this event and the history of the chapel was placed by then Crossman United Methodist Church in the late 1960s. Etched onto aluminum, the image and words had faded almost beyond recognition. Christ Crossman UMC has had the plaque remade and etched onto stainless steel for greater endurance.

All members of the community are invited to attend the commemoration, after which light refreshments will be served in the cemetery.

For more information, email Christ Crossman UMC at office@christcrossman.org or call 703-532-4026. Oakwood Cemetery is located at 401 Roosevelt Blvd., Falls Church.





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