‘Mobility for All Modes’ Plan OK’d

After extensive efforts, including many public meetings, a so-called “Mobility for All Modes Plan” emphasizing the need for enabling a range of transportation options, from cars to bicycles, buses and walking, to make up the City’s comprehensive transportation plan, was approved unanimously by the Falls Church City Council Tuesday.

Approved as a new transportation chapter in the City’s Comprehensive Plan, its vision statement is composed of the following goals: 1. maintain and increase transportation safety, 2. provide travelers with multiple options of travel modes, including pedestrian, bicycle, transit and automobile, 3. support economic activity by increasing access to City businesses and by increasing access to regional activity centers, 4. mitigate environmental damage from transportation and play a role in achieving environmental goals, 5. preserve the character of different neighborhoods, 6. provide equitable access in transportation options by considering the needs of all travelers, including those with disabilities or limited mobility, those with limited or no English proficiency, and those unable or unwilling to drive, 7. maintain the City’s infrastructure in a state of good repair.

Senior City planner Paul Stoddard marshaled the development and approval of the plan.