Letters to the Editor: Praise for Herring, Warner Stances on Immigration


Letters to the Editor: May 15 – 21, 2014

Praise for Herring, Warner Stances on Immigration


I was impressed with the recent decision by Attorney General Mark Herring to allow children of undocumented immigrants to receive in-state tuition. It was nice to see our senator, Mark Warner, praise the decision by saying that it “is an important step in the direction of fairness and economic opportunity”. It is reactions like these that make me hopeful for our country.

We hear often that “our country was built by immigrants.” I am proud to say that my parents contributed to that story. I am the child of an Ecuadorian mother and a Peruvian father, and a first generation American. My father started his own business here in Falls Church back in the 1970’s, and earlier this year I opened my law practice.

While I did not experience the struggles of being the child of undocumented parents, I am touched by their stories, their determination and their quest for an affordable education. I believe that everyone should be able to get an opportunity at his or her American dream.
Sen. Warner and other elected officials also make the point that in-state tuition for DREAMers makes economic sense. But more importantly, it’s the right thing to do for the children in Virginia that just want their own shot at success. I am glad Senator Warner recognizes that.

Chris Falcon

Falls Church


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