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Restaurant Spotlight: Brunch at Mad Fox Brewing Company


For the month of April, the Restaurant Spotlight will be focusing on brunch at restaurants in the City of Falls Church. This week, we explore Mad Fox Brewing Company’s Sunday brunch.

Stop by Mad Fox early on a Sunday and you could order some customer favorites from the menu – the battered and deep-fried house-brined pickles, the curried meat croquettes, the burgers made with fresh-ground local beef, the pizzas. But early weekend afternoons are prime brunching time, and Mad Fox has a selection of breakfast-styled dishes to satisfy brunch-seekers.

Of the 10 brunch entrees on the menu, many boast eggs locally sourced from Bay Haven Farm’s free-range hens. There are two eggs-any-way platters, one styled after the traditional English breakfast with bangers and baked beans and another with regional inspiration seen in fried green tomatoes and cheddar grits.


The menu also features three poached egg dishes, two of which are flavored with house brews – Mad Fox is, after all, an award-winning brewery as well as a restaurant.

For the Pork Belly Benedict ($11) an open-face cheddar biscuit is topped in roasted strips of ale-flavored pork belly, with a tender, runny-yolked poached egg balanced on top of each biscuit piece. Tangy hollandaise sauce coats the two stacks of breakfast delights. Though the name may be deceiving, the Short Rib Hash ($14) is made similarly. Here, a hash of small potato pieces and shredded beer-braised short rib atop the biscuit makes for hearty eating. Both dishes are served with lightly dressed arugula and herb-seasoned home fries mixed with onion and red pepper.


If you prefer sweet brunch dishes over savory ones, you only have two dishes to choose from, stuffed French toast and an assortment of doughnuts. But the Donuts ($6) are a show-stopper. Three big doughnuts are arranged on the plate, surrounded by tiny powdered-sugar-dusted doughnut holes, all served warm. The honey-glazed variety is simple and sweet, and in its simplicity lets you focus on the incredible texture of this confection – like moist, airy cake. The caramel one, sprinkled with crumbles of bacon, is divinely sweet and salty. The chocolate-coated doughnut, topped in bright multi-color sprinkles, has great cocoa flavor without an overwhelming sweetness.


As Mad Fox is a purveyor of pizza, the restaurant calls upon eggs to craft two breakfast-style pies. The Breakfast Pig Pizza ($16) adds a bed of scrambled egg to the Mad Fox crust, topped with mozzarella cheese and chunks of ham and sausage; there’s a vegetarian variety, as well.

The menu doesn’t list the top two brunch beverages, the mimosa and the bloody mary, but both are available – the mimosa for $5.50 and the bloody mary for $7. A spicy bloody mary is $8; it’s made with pepper vodka, but the overall flavor is tomato-y without a lot of heat. Both the mimosa and the bloody mary here are light, sippable drinks. Though the two drinks often accompany brunch, Mad Fox offers its array of celebrated brews, too, and you wouldn’t be remiss in ordering a pint.

The brunch menu at Mad Fox does not disappoint, and it’s a special treat to see how this favorite local restaurant does brunch. But it’s also nice that Mad Fox makes its beers and many of its fan-favorite regular-menu dishes available during brunch hours, too.

Mad Fox Brewing Company is located at 444 W. Broad St., Falls Church. For more information, call 703-942-6840  or visit Brunch hours are Sundays from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.