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Critter Corner: Bolt and Silas

406critterBolt and Silas, Fairfax County Police Department’s newest additions to its bloodhound team, are almost ready to hit the streets. The bloodhound sisters began their training in September. They are pictured above with handlers PFC Kevin Clarke and MPO Pete Masood. According to their handlers, the 9-month-olds still have a “ways to go” with their maturity and ability to focus without distractions. Bloodhounds have been a valuable asset to law enforcement around the region for many years. Trained for both criminal and non-criminal missions, they do not bite when they find a person and are ideal to help locate missing children or dementia patients. Bloodhounds are trained to indicate the presence of a trail and locate missing people, using scents that may be hours or days old. Handlers believe Bolt and Silas will be fully prepared to begin their official roles by May or June. Both dogs get along well with the other K-9s in the agency and are described as sociable and friendly.