Stormwater Credit Applications Due at End of the Month

Sample F.C. storm water bill.
Sample F.C. storm water bill.

Applications to receive credit for the City of Falls Church’s controversial new Stormwater Utility fee are due March 31, the City reminds residents in a press release today. The first bill is due June 5, concurrent with the first half of the real estate tax. Sample bills with a projected fee for properties were sent to homeowners in February.

In order to received credits, homeowners must take specific steps to “reduce the quantity and improve the quality of stormwater runoff.” According to the City, the amount of credit given depends on factors including the type of facility, area treated and/or captured, and if a facility was built voluntarily or as a requirement of development. Examples of this include rain barrels, rain gardens and trees, no fertilizer used on the property, participation in City-sanctioned volunteer events, replacing traditional driveways and patios with permeable pavers or porous pavement and more.  The City’s website has a complete Stormwater Credit manual at The City recommends property owners speak with the Department of Public Works before making any installations for credit.

Residents may apply for a  Stormwater Utility fee credit by visiting Applications must be submitted by Monday, March 31 to Department of Public Works, ATTN: Stormwater Utility, 300 Park Ave., Suite 100 West, Falls Church, VA 22046, by fax to 703-248-5336 or emailed to