Letters to the Editor: Falls Church School Entitlements Need to End


Falls Church News-Press Letters to the Editor: March 12 – 19, 2014

 Falls Church School Entitlements Needs to End


I am writing about the continuous request for more money on schooling in our “Little City.” I have concluded the School Board, and those that keep demanding for more money for schools who live in this town, are, frankly, spoiled.

You created a model that you cannot afford nor continue to support by attracting good teacher talent at a good salary. You cannot expect folks who live on fixed incomes or households with no way to absorb these ridiculous increases to keep supporting a system that cannot ever seem to get its fiscal house in order. You want more? Then ask those who are sending their children to the schools to pay more. Stop asking ME to pay your ever increasing child-rearing costs. What was reasonable in the past has now spiraled out of control and is unfairly balanced.

Simply put it’s all about families and their kids with no care about anyone else. Very selfish and very disrespectful. Folks, get real. You want kids…fine. You want them to have a basic education that we all share and pay for..fine..I’m good for that responsibility. You want a Cadillac education for your children..then you pay for it on your own back and send them to private schools. Sidwell Friends will be glad to help you!

At this point unless you want to annex to Arlington or Fairfax County, you should consider closing the schools, privatize them completely and just issue some basic vouchers to each family for credits. It’s time the entitlements end…and yes..a Cadillac education is an entitlement. Hate to break the news to you but you all are spoiled.

I am sure many will just tell me “move out if you don’t like it”…a typical elitist response that I will gladly refute.

Charles Plymire

Falls Church


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