Letters to the Editor: January 23 – 29, 2014

 ‘Duck Dynasty Flap’ Ruffles Some Feathers


I read Nicholas Benton’s anti-religious column, “The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Flap” (1 Jan 14). Wading through hysterical and irrelevant references to slavery, lynching, the Tea Party, gluttony, usury and Nazis it seems he simply didn’t like what Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson had to say about homosexuals recently. To make a strong argument, one must have command of the facts and present them logically. Unfortunately, his column had few relevant facts and no meaningful logical thread.

While he is as entitled to his opinion as Mr. Robertson, conflating past religious justification for immoral acts with religious teachings per se is at best logically incorrect and at worst intellectually dishonest. He condemned this man as a remnant of the presumably unredeemable “Jim Crow South” for simply stating the undeniable fact that Christianity (and every other religion I can think of) teaches that sodomy is wrong. Mr. Robertson also said he did not understand how a person could prefer a same sex partner. I’m not sure in what bubble Mr. Benton lives, but in the real world, that is by far the prevailing view. There was no judgment or bigotry in the statement. Also, Christianity teaches the benevolent idea that one can be forgiven for sin. Mr. Benton wailed about people coming to Robertson’s defense on religious freedom grounds.

It is ironic in the extreme that someone who appears to make a living from expressing his opinion would be so offended. Is freedom of expression reserved only for those who agree with him? I almost laughed when I got to the part about there being “a perceptible decline in basic civility in our culture.” Mr. Benton’s own contribution to this with his very uncivil column did not even occur to him. Phil Robertson is a bigot because he accurately (if somewhat clumsily) recounts what the bible says regarding sodomy? I don’t think so. Being opposed to someone because of their religion, now that is bigotry.

Look in the mirror, Mr. Benton!

Stephen Hatch



(Ed. note – Mr. Benton took issue mostly with Mr. Robertson’s references to race.)


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